Best Waist Trainer Corsets Reviews

Best Waist Trainer Corsets Reviews

We have known corsets for many years, today they are making a strong comeback as waist trainers. With all the celebrities showing off their figures on Instagram, to all the fitness minded people looking for a quick solution for their body shape.
Waist trainers are becoming a hot trend on all social media platforms. If you want to give your body a quick slim shape, shapewear is your quick solution. With all the technology involved in such growing industry, having a nice shape is no longer a dilemma.
The market is however crowded with all types of shapewear made of all types of materials and in various price ranges and features. This is putting a lot of challenge on people shopping online, which to buy and how to choose?
We have put together this nice comparison article to give you a quick review on the seven best waist trainers you can find online these days to help you decide which is best to you. So let's dig in...

The 7 Best Rated Waist Trainers

We’ve also put together this comparison table of the best 7 waist trainers to help you decide which of them can fit your needs.

Waist Trainers Review Comparison Table

NameImageTrainer StyleMaterialType of ClosureRating

BiEnergo Waist Trainer Belt

BeltNeopreneVelcro4.0 star
TrainingGirl Waist Trainer Corset
Tank TopNeopreneZipper4.1 star
Ursexyly Waist Trainer Corset
CorsetPolyester & NeopreneHook-and-Eye/Zipper4.2 star
VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt CincherVENUZOR-Waist-Trainer-Belt-Cincher-sBeltNeopreneVelcro4.3 star
Nebility Waist Trainer CorsetNebility-Women-Waist-Trainer-Corset-sTank TopNylon and SpandexZipper/ Hook-and-Eye4.4 star
YIANNA Women's Sport GirdleYIANNA-Womens-Underbust-Latex-Sport-Girdle-sCorsetLatex and SpandexHook-and-Eye4.5 star
SHAPERX Waist Trainer Body ShaperSHAPERX-Waist-Trainer-Belt-Body-Shaper-sBeltNeopreneVelcro4.6 star

Detailed Reviews of 7 Best Waist Trainers


BiEnergo Waist Trainer Belt

BiEnergo Waist Trainer Belt comes the 7th on our list of best waist trainers, it has a very comfortable design and an elegant sportive look. If you are going out for sport or training, you won't need to wear any clothes over it as it looks nice with 5 sporty bright colors available.
The material is durable and flexible, it stretch easy during workout and it is made of latex-free Neoprene. It will give your waist a delicate look by trimming it smoothly along with your back and hips. It also has a supportive effect on your back to help reduce the pain and stress on the back during heavy exercise. It will help you sweat but it won't suffocate your skin, thanks to the outer layer made of mesh.
Very suitable for gym and sporting out, but also works under your favorite dress and during daily routines.


TrainingGirl Zipper Waist Trainer Corset

TrainingGirl Zipper Waist Trainer Corset comes 6th on our list, its hook-and-eye closures may form a challenge for some women, some others prefer them as an option. Most of us will find zipper closure much easier to use.
With five flexible steel bones, TrainingGirl Zipper Waist Trainer Corset will give your back the support it needs while smoothing your stomach and hips to the best shape possible. It is made of soft stretchy neoprene fabric, which increase your sweat and at the same time provide nice shape.
With its Tank Top straps design, it supports the bust and prevent the corset from rolling down, this waist trainer will suit your everyday needs. More suitable for sports, and works under your favorite dark colored dress, as no colors available beside black.


Ursexyly Double Control Waist Trainer Corset

Ursexyly Double Control waist trainer corset comes 5th on our list. It has both zipper and hook-and-eye closures which makes it easier to shape and smooth your waist. It improves your posture and support your back while sporting.
It will also put your billy on heat to increase sweat while working out. Thanks to the stretchy Polyester & Neoprene material that will give you the support with ease of motion.
Best to wear under strapless dresses and suitable to all daily routines. Colors available Beige or Black.


VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt Cincher

VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt is designed to give the maximum waist trim. Made of very durable latex-free neoprene, this strong adhesive belt will give you the ultimate trim and will help you shape your body to the best.
Available in 10 different sporty colors, this waist trainer belt is suitable for sporting and working out, also works under your favorite dress with amazing waist trim results. It will support your back and improve your posture.
It will also increase sweat while working out, thanks to its sauna effect and to its strong Velcro closure. If you are on budget, this belt will give you the results you need with very affordable price.


Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset

Nebility Waist Trainer comes third on our review list. Everything you wished for will be there in this waist trainer. With its innovative design, it will smooth your belly and waist, while improving your bust with its U-shape push-up and supporting your back giving your body the best shape possible.
Its flexible Nylon/ Spandex material five it the best stretch with the maximum comfort and control It features three rows of hook-and-eye closures with adjustable straps sealed with a zipper to make sure your shape is well secured.
It comes in two colors beige and black, with seven different sizes that will suit all types of bodies out there. Best to wear under sportswear or you daily regular wear.

#2 YIANNA Women’s Latex Sport Girdle

YIANNA Womens Underbust Latex Sport Girdle

With its straightforward yet effective design, YIANNA Underbust Sport Girdle comes second on our review list. The simple corset design will give the waist the hourglass shape while lifting up your bust in a dramatic way.
Its sauna effect increase your sweat and make you lose weight while trimming your waist fast. It is available in fourteen different colors, some of them has mesh sides which will improve air flow and increase breathability.
It is made of Spandex/ Nylon fabric with inner layer made of soft cotton to decrease the allergic reaction on the skin and help absorb the excessive sweat. The closure if formed out of three hook-and-eye columns that works best if you chose the most suitable size to your body shape.


SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper

SHAPERX constantly improves the quality of its products through investing more in research and development to come out with the best feature-set and suit the customer needs. SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper won the first place on our list of waist trainers review. It is considered on of the best waist trainers in the markets that gives you the best waist shape with back support and posture correction.
It is easy to use and can be adjusted and secured in seconds, thanks to its strong adhesive Velcro closure, which will give you all flexibility to move while cinching your waist to the best shape possible.
Available in 10 different colors and 5 different sizes, this belt will increase your sweat while working out helping you lose weight while trimming your waist.