Plus Size Shapewear Review

This article will be a plus size shapewear review, in which I will be showing you what I usually wear the different types of shapewear that I personally wear. There are different types of shapewear out there. There are different brands out there that do make plus size shapewear. I haven't found a shaper that I really didn't like. Um, so far, unless they're like rolling down, I can't do that. But I really like these easy to wear every day. If you're not someone who wears shape where every day you can easily, where this like under a dress or something.

So the first time we talk about is obviously the great one, because that's the one that you guys have seen the most. That's like my everyday type of shapewear for myself. 
I always like to wear some kind of shapewear that it kind of smooths out the lines. I just feel like it makes everything look a little bit better and feel a little bit better. I feel a little bit better on my skin, so that's just me, though, the 1st 1 I'm showing you is the great one again. It's very old, I've had it for six years. It's really tethered, so don't judge me too hard. 
I have a couple of these because when I bought it, I knew I loved it, so I bought a couple of them. It's just like a tank top style goes all the way down, but this was super inexpensive.
Plus Size Shapewear Review

Maidenform Curvy plus size shapewear review

Maidenform Curvy plus size shapewear review

I was so shocked and so impressed to have found that Maidenform have a plus sized line. Here I am gonna make a quick Maidenform Curvy plus size shapewear review. This one is by the brand Maidenform. It's kind of with all the other shapewear like it's not on its own section on bits just there. Mine isn't a size XXX. And again, it's kind of the same shape that I like, tank top style wear your own bra, so this would go like right underneath your bra, and then it kind of just goes down into a tank top, and this one has some least down the band. 
I know you're probably thinking that Maidenform Curvy plus size shapewear review looks super small and they usually do like this does look really small, but trust me, this fits absolutely fine, and it stretchs really well, and you want them to be kind of small so that they keep their shape and they can kind of help to enhance your shape. If it's kind of loose, it's not gonna do much, you know. So that's another thing. So it's super comfortable. I tried it on already. I've worn it super comfortable. I like it. It's nice. 

If you have an event, it's just nice. Smoothing helps just smooth out the line of your body a little bit more than without it. So this one, they're saying it's a firm style they have. I believe they have light control from controlling old ultra firm control. So this is from the firm control on the back. They actually have, a little size chart for you. 

Miraclesuit Plus Size Shapewear Review

Miraclesuit Plus Size Shapewear Review

Miraclesuit shapewear women's plus size wear-your-own-bra extra firm control camisole, that's the one that I always wear. Miraclesuit plus size shapewear review: don't feel discouraged or scared to go into it or anything like that, they do have up to XXL usually, and you guys know that I'm a XXXL I wear a size 22, and that fits me absolutely fine. 
Another thing is, none of the items under be showing you are actually Spanx . So I feel like whenever you think of the shapewear you think of Spanx, right? Like you would just call them Spanx. Spanx are super overpriced, in my opinion at least. And I don't want to go drop $70 on something that I can find for 30 you know, so definitely don't feel like you have to go by Spanx . 

Squeem Miracle vest shapewear plus size review

Squeem Miracle vest shapewear plus size review

So the next thing I have to show you is definitely the most firm type of ship or that I actually own. Squeem Miracle vest shapewear plus size review. If you put it on it looks like a vest. There is some boning in it, so it's as I said . Definitely a firm tip of shapewear has a hook and eye closure that you can either wear in the 1st 1 or the 2nd 1 This actually fits me a little bit too loose right now. It's not too loose, but it doesn't suck me in to its full potential. So I definitely wear this on the second hook closer, just for a little bit of a tighter fit. 

The outside of it is like a latex see feel, and then the inside. Obviously, you don't want latex on your skin, so this is like a very soft kind of fabric. It's an adjustable straps. They almost like a brawl right there. You can just adjust it to, however you want it. I'm somebody who has like a long tors, so I always keep these like the lowest that I can as far as the straps. Again you wear your own bra. 

This is this is no joke. So if you're kind of like a newbie to shapewear and you want something that's little bit more comfortable, I would not suggest this for you. But if you're somebody who like like shapewear, and you want something that's going to really suck you in and give you a couple inches off your waist? This is what you're gonna want. It's the Squeem again. 

So this isn't a size three X . I could have definitely got away with the two X and this to suck me into its full potential. If you really want to take those interest off girl get you one of these. It's like a waist trainer. Now it's not the most comfortable thing in the world. I'm not gonna lie. It's not the most comfortable. You can feel this on your body. It's not like the other two that I showed you where you can kind of, exercise in it or sleep in it. No, you're gonna feel it on your body, but it is gonna do the job.