Shapermint vs Maidenform Shapewear

So we did a shapewear review of a brand shapermint. We've tried on their high waisted shaper short, and we loved it. We got a really big response from the review. So many of you guys, wanted us to test out more shapewear. So that's what we're doing today. We are testing out another shapewear garment from shapermint. And we are also testing out a very similar garment from the company Maidenform. A lot of you guys know Maidenform I'm sure a lot of you guys have shapewear form Maidenform. It's a huge shapewear company. And it's the company that I used to wear before I even discovered shapermint. I mean, it sold pretty much everywhere in a whole lot of big retailers. And if you haven't heard of it, you gonna hear about today.

Shapermint shaper panties vs Maidenform shaper panties

Shapermint shaper panties vs Maidenform shaper shorts

So today I will be reviewing highway waisted shaper panties from both companies Shapermint and Maidenform. Yes, they're both in black that's the color I wear in my shapewear. So I'm gonna give you my initial thoughts on both of them by just looking at them.

Shapermint high waisted panties

Shapermint high waisted panties

First we have the shapermint high waisted panties. Yes, this is in a size XXXL the same size as I wore in my shapermint shaper short. So already looking at it , it's not as thick as the Maidenform shapewear panty. But I do feel like it has a good amount of maybe hold that will give me some good hold. And it does feel like it's gonna be extremely comfortable, just like the shorts were right now. One thing I do love is that it stretches vertically a good amount, which means that it won't be too short for anyone that have a longer torso or anyone that has a good amount of lower belly cushion. You know, sometimes things can come up a little short when we have that lower belly. 
I have really high hopes for the shapermint brief because I already love their shorts like so much you guys already know. An you can always check its latest price here

Maidenform high waisted shaper short

Maidenform high waisted shaper short

So next we have the Maidenform high waisted shaper short. So already I can tell this one is thicker, and it seems like it's gonna have just better control. It's very thick, and it has that good elasticity or you know that good. You know, it stretches and goes back to former stretches and go back to form.  And this one, just like the shapermint has the silicone in the waist bear, and that this is what keeps your shapewear up. That's like I hate when my shapewear rolls down, If you're not wearing shapewear with this in the waistband, then I don't know what to tell you, It might not stay up and It probably will roll down .
This one is in a four X just by going by their sizes chart, I decided to go with a four xl, but this one I really like too. You can check its price here too

Shapermint vs Maidenform Shapewear Try on

No we gonna do Shapermint vs Maidenform shapewear try on. It's really kind of hearts and not like shapewear you know, it all comes down to the trial and how you wears it, how it actually does it hold up to what it says is going to do for both of these products. They are tummy control. I am gonna do Shapermint vs Maidenform shapewear try on, so we're gonna see how well they control that tummy. And it's supposed to be firm and comfortable to wear so and those who plans for both of them. So I'm going to test it out As usual, you know I have on something tight and form fitting, and then I'm going to try on both of them individually. And I will give you my first impressions and my thoughts . And I'm gonna let you guys know which one I liked the best at the end, and I want you guys to decide as well.

Shapermint high waisted panty try on

Shapermint high waisted panty try on

For the shapermint high waisted panty try on, let's talk about getting into it. It was very easy because it's very stretchy, but I feel like because it's so stretchy it is less firm than I would like I don't feel like it holds that well, like I think it did do. I do think it did a good amount of smoothing, but I don't know how I feel about, like did it snatch me? You know what I mean?
Let's tackle the lower tummy area, the lower tummy I do feel like it got it intact just a bit. I do feel like there's a bit of a difference, but again, I do feel like it's more of a smoothing effect. Funny because I actually feel like bigger in this one. I don't know, like I just don't feel like it did much as far as snatching and holding. I mean, it's did smooth a little bit. It's casing like it just doesn't feel like. And I'm thinking like if I go up in size, will this work better? But they don't, because if I go up in size on this in a size three X, by the way, if I go up in size, it's not gonna do anything because it's just so stretchy it's not. It's really not gonna do anything . If I go down in size, it's just gonna be way too tight. So, I would say this is my size for this panty, but it's just not doing it for me. It's not really doing anything like the shape or short did. check the price here

Maidenform high waisted shaper short try on

Maidenform high waisted shaper short try on

For Maidenform high waisted shaper short try on. This is the Maidenform flexing high waisted brief. It comes with this like line across tummy, it's kind of weird and I felt like you can see it through the fabric. But aside from that, I just think this one has better control. It just has a little better a firmer grip. I think it just has a firmer control and it gave me a little bit more snatching. I look a little bit more snatched a little bit more shape than the shapermint.
I think it did a little bit more for that lower stomach. I don't feel so stuffed in this one, I don't feel like a sausage in its casing. I really like this one and it will probably be for more like every day where it's not uncomfortable. And this one comes with that kind of silicon rubber ever top too. So it doesn't roll down and I really like that. check its price here