Skims Shapewear Alternatives by Spanx

In this article we will review Kim Kardashian's shapewear line called Skims, formerly “Kimono”. Somehow I was able to get seven pieces . I did have to do three separate orders. So that's the trick to ordering for stuff like that . Like you ought to just like bye as much as you can . This is not just your normal haul review. I want to go in, especially someone who wears, like, space and shape. Where I want to figure out: Is this even worth the price point? Should the average person, who doesn't go to events or do red carpets, buy this? Will people even notice the difference if you're wearing it or wearing an alternative from Spanx? Also, if I'm at the club drunk, can I pee in this?

Skims Shapewear by Kim Kardashian Review

Review of 4 Difference Skims Shapewear And Their Alternatives

So two of the three Skims packages came. One came last night, the other one came today. Oh, look interesting .Okay , So before we really into this review, think it's really important to note that I'm 5.7 inch and I weigh 153 lbs, Dress size 6, usually a size medium on everything in my whole entire life my favorite part of my body is my waist area. And then my biggest insecurity in my body is definitely my lower stomach and my thighs.

Skims Sculpting High Waist Brief Alternative

The first piece we gonna review is Skims sculpting high waist brief, once it is over my thighs it fits like a glove. It was so easy to put on once it got over my thighs. Only one conserve is its band keeps folding. Or my be you will need to pull it up, because I think it's supposed to go under the bra. And when I pull it up, it still wanting to fold though. Okay, so just after taxes and shipping, the total price was $47. Do you think it's worth that? Let's try with the dress. My waist feels snatched, with a body con dresses like this is something I typically don't normally wear. It looks phenomenal. I'm not kidding . I feel comfortable like in this. And it won't just sit in my closet. And it gave me like 1/2 inch tummy difference. I genuinely, really , really, really like this.

Skims sculpting high waist brief review

If we compare with its alternative from Spanx, you don't know what brand I wear when looking in the mirror, and I was trying them on my hips they don't look as good. I felt like I really liked my hips in Skims, but they do feel extremely similar, but looks the exact same. Okay, Being completely honest, I do feel like Spanx doesn't suck me in as much. It feels like a middle ground between the skims and then not wearing any. But I do still feel way more confident in it. They were a little easier to get on , which makes sense. I think it's just the material isn't as a like.

Skims Solution Alternative Shorts

I was honestly, out of everything most excited for this pair of Skims solution shorts. Think this would work great, If I had the right dress for this. So when you buy it, make sure that you buy one because there's one, a less leg option and the right option.Yeah, but there I guarantee you they shops like so I don't know the other one. I just like I don't feel comfortable in it, but I just don't since I'm insecure about my lower stomach like this isn't made for her lower stomach. I think Skims solution shorts are made for thighs. For the bra line is where it's like folding now it like it's rolled for sure that I had to have it higher. I feel like they're just easy and simple, and they kind of go under anything like I were underneath that white bodysuit and I feel like it looked great. Check the latest price on Amazon

Skims Solution Shorts Review

Skims Bralettes Alternative by Spanx

This Skims bralettes are really comfortable. Because it's kind of push up without being push up. It looks so good . If you're like me and you're very T shirt girl like hates wearing normal bras, that was a yes. It's surprisingly, has a lot of support, like this material's really nic . I also feel like it doesn't give you back that like a lot of broads do, so that's also a plus.

Skims Shapewear Alternatives by Spanx

The alternative bralettes from Spanx is actually similar and little more expensive, you can always check the latest price on Amazon

Skims Shorts Alternatives

I do really love the Skims shorts like I do feel just cinched in so many different ways. There is definitely a huge difference between this and the brief version. And you can see the materials different. I don't think I have the right outfits that really need i . Honestly, I've been noticing like small runs in them like they're ripping easily. The problem is my nails, but the bigger problem is because they're just so hard to put on when you grab them and try to pull them u . There's really no safe way to grab them. If you have nails on every single parent definitely made some small rips in, be very careful putting them on. Check their alternative on Amazon

Skims Shorts Alternatives

If you're out and about in a public restrooms are ragged dress or something like to go to the bathroom, and that you'd have to fully take off the whole thing . So normally take off like your whole outfit. Okay? I wish if I could pull my body suits to the side, but since it's like the built in shorts with the body, so you can't do that . I personally don't like the feeling of them being rolled because I like  those easy enough to go the bathroom, or is it a pain in the butt? Yeah, honestly, once you get them up here, it's so easy to put on .

Final word about Skims VS Spanx Shapewear

You wouldn't go to skims right away to buy , not e OK , so overall consensus of everything I do think it is a new, exceptionally good shape wear line regardless of it being Kim Kardashian's, it's really, really good. You can definitely see her influence on it, though, because I swear every single piece gave me a more hourglass shape. We're just funding because I never usually go for that style. Think that was something that kind of threw me off was like, Oh, I wasn't expecting that minor flaws that it is freaking hard to get on. So be aware that compared to other shapewear lines like it's not that expect. It's honestly like the same prices . That's a lot of space and stuff . So I'm saying this, but I'm going to say if I can freaking get those core thong, the high waisted core thong sculpts ones, then those will replace my Spanx and I felt so bad saying that because I love my Spanx and the Spanx song equivalent one, I would always get a whole size smaller so it would like suck me and more rifle like I could get my normal size.