Hooked-up vs Delimira Shapewear Review

In this article we are doing a review for two affordable shapewear from Hooked-up and Delimira we are going to review Hoocked-up shaper panty and Delimira shaper short

Hooked-up Shapewear 

So we were looking around for some new shapewear we came across this really cool looking brand called Hooked-up shapewear on Amazon. The number one thing is that attracted us to this bread was that it had many pieces under $10 you can always check its latest price. They also had really good reviews, and they went all the way up to plus sizes. So we got two pieces today to try on from this brand.
Hooked-up Shapewear

Another thing about this brand hooked-up shapewear they're saying that they saw the number one problem with shapewear, which is rolling down basically is called hooked-up because the shapewear is actually designed to hook to your bra. And we thought this was a really cool kind of component of the shapewear where it also seems to be really strong, an adorable fabric . It kind of has that firmness that is going to stretch. But it's gonna like bounce right back to give you that suckkage feeling that we love. And it also hooks down in the sea area, which you know is going to give you easy access when using the restroom so it doesn't necessarily have to have the gusty, or you don't have to pull it all the way down. Check it on Amazon

Hoocked-up Shaper Panty Review

Now we're gonna try on the first pair of shapewear, which is the shaper panties from the company hooked-up. We believe we have this pair of shapewear in a size XXL. We ordered this base on their size chart and the reviews that we've read. This was so easy to get on and the size XXL we feel like it works perfectly. We are now trying the hookedup high waisted shaper panty. Number one it was so easy to get on like it was very, very easy to get on the two legs. We think for us works perfectly. We had no issues at all. You just slid it on just like a regular panty honestly, and might be one of your new favorite shaper panties. Because it is good when you just want a little bit of extra, shape where something underneath and it's very comfortable.

The fabric is very nice, strong and durable. But what we love about it personally is that the back is full so it's a full brief. If you're a girl that has a big behind, sometimes with shapewear doesn't really have a full behind, so it rolls up. But with this shapewear you won't be having that problem even by sitting down. It's not moving, it's still down where it needs to be, and it's very, very comfortable. Because if it rolls up, it starts to suffocates and squeezes the coach, and that's something you really won't like.

As far as holding in and shaping, we just feel like it's smooths and holds in where it means to be like it does a pretty good job, just like in your mid section, your tummy area. We don't think that it's the strongest, but also with shaper panties you really won't find one that gives you super suck it.

Delimira Shaper Short

Delimira Shaper Short

We found another shaper short on Amazon that we wanted to try from a company called DELIMIRA what attracted us to this is that it kind of seems like a Skims or Spanx dupe. So we wanted to see if it maybe just as good and if it worked the same way. And this was actually really cheap as well. We believe this was around $10. I'm not exactly sure, but you can always check its price on Amazon.

Delimira Shaper Short Review

Now we are going to try Delimira shaper short, so first things first, it was easy to get on, We had no issues at all. As you put it on you will feel like it is really familiar, you will kind of see it as a dupe for the skims shaper short also, it will remind you a lot of Spanx high power short.

It fits so well, It will give you a little bit of snatched appearance that the girls love. And it just it fits really good and has a lot of smoothing in the thighs . In terms of the stomach area it really does the work, this one just a little bit better as far as the suckkage and the snatch.