Salome Faja Shapewear Try-On Review Best Amazon Shapewear Ever!

Salome Faja Shapewear Try-On Review Video

okay you guys we are back with another shapewear review .

you guys I'm trying to mentally prepare myself to try and a bunch of Salome Faja shapewear.

If you guys know anything about me, you know I do a lot of shapewear videos. I'm a mid-sized gal like I am I think size yeah I'm about size 12. and everything so you know I got a little bit of extra muffin tops tummy but all of it, so I do like to emphasize my best assets  with some shapewear. and I've done a lot of shapewear videos. I know what's on the market. I have two full drawers full of shapewear that I've reviewed either for companies or stuff I bought on my own so I know what I'm talking about.

And you guys I finally bit the bullet, and bought a bunch of pieces from my favorite shapewear company. carried on amazon it was a pricey thing, so the company that we are going to be reviewing today is Salome Faja shapewear, so these are the most intense pieces of shapewear I have ever tried in my life. like no lie they are intense. um I think they even like recommend them as like a stage three faja, for women who have gotten their body done

The compression is unreal. it really accentuates your butt, um smoothing out your stomach. girl you look like you have a whole different body after you wear these. so I mean one thing I will say is they are a little pricey I'm not gonna lie. I would say 55 to 75 i think. I think that's what I paid. gonna be trying on three today. I'm gonna give you guys before and after pictures, me wearing this dress that literally hides nothing versus me with the faja on. we'll do a little side by side. and then I'll also show you guys what the piece looks like without clothes on so that you guys can see exactly what you would be getting into.

One thing I will mention, is all of these Salome Faja shapewears have the opening for if you have to use the I will obviously be putting underwear over top of the compression garment but you guys will have a really good idea of what it would look like on my body and what it would look like on your body if you have a similar body shape, so the first thing I want to say before I'm actually sweating my butt off and getting into these fajas. these are extremely tight tight to the point where you might break a nail girl trying to get these on, and I'm really mad I did my nails yesterday so one of these things better not break off or else I'm gonna be heated but um it's really hard to get the shaper on, so I'll kind of walk you guys through how to get it on but get your correct size. you could even size up like you'll see how much I struggle trying to get these suckers out. if you don't want to struggle that much, maybe size up a size I think you would still get a really nice silhouette and slimming effect and it would be a little bit easier to get on.

Salome Faja shapewear size chart is true to size you just follow the dimensions on the actual amazon listing which i will have in the description box below along with a 30 day free trial of amazon without further ado let me take one more drink before i just torture myself for the next hour or so, I hope you guys enjoyed this video uh let me know which one you guys think looked best on me um yeah good. Mentally prepare yourself okay let's do it um my main areas that I look for when like I'm trying on shapewear and all of that.

One I want to hide a little bit of this or at least like press it down conceal it a little bit I want some of the fat right around here on my sides to be pushed down to my hips to give me the effect of fuller hips because girl I got none um I want my waist cinched in that's like the main thing I don't really care about the hips as long as my waist goes in then it looks like I have hips and then I want my booty lifted a little bit or at least more of a distinct line between my butt and my legs oh and then back fat I would like that go on so yeah those are the things that I look for when I'm getting shapewear and the salom fajas do it all for me baby so let's get into it let's go!

Salome Faja shapewear 0218 high waist compression shapewear

Salome 0218 high waist compression shapewear

Salome 0218 high waist compression shapewear

For our first Salome Faja shapewear which is the one I have been wanting forever so this is what it looks like it has like a sticky elastic around the top. So it stays up it also does have sticky elastic right here around the bottom typically when I put on a faja with um like this grippy stuff I flip it up. When I'm putting it on just so it doesn't grab to my legs and I can't get it up so you'll want to flip this up and then put it on and then I actually like to grab from the crotch of the faja and pull it up nice and high on my hips and then like scoot it up. Okay yeah so I got it up as much as I can again I pulled by the crotch  I'm trying not to break my nails as I mentioned and I do have underwear um on so just fyi okay so there is like a compression material because I was wondering well what's it gonna do for my ass you see this I need to just lift it up a little bit more so yeah they do okay good wow compression in the front booty out and popping in the back okay girl I and I sized up on this one because the next Salome Faja shapewear I show you um I didn't size up and it's such a pain in the ass to get into this one okay but looking nice so let me pull my dress down and let's see.

Oh a world of a difference so it hits right under here um it is I didn't pull all the way up like I should have in the back so there might be a little bit of bunching but how does it make my butt look phenomenal my butt is poking okay honestly the silhouette it's giving me is so nice like this back fat right here is just because I didn't pull it up high enough but that would be covered um if I took the dress off and like pulled it up just a little bit so don't mind that okay so I'm gonna do a little spin for the side by side damn we is snatched oh my god my waist yeah looks so nice and this is definitely shaped where you can go out in public in it's very concealed there's no marks on the legs nothing like that the booty looks nice

This is so good they they do it best like if you really want a good garment Salome Faja shapewear I'm telling you guys they do it so good like I've said I have done many amazon shapewear videos and no one compares to faja salome

Faja Salome Mid-Waist Shapewear

Faja Salome Mid-Waist Shapewear

Faja Salome Mid-Waist Shapewear

Next Salome Faja shapewear this is the one I reviewed originally um and I pretty much told you guys I love it but you need to get the one that goes all the way up to your bra because the issue I'm facing is every time I bend it just rolls and that's not comfy at all um so this one is a little bit cheaper than the first one I mentioned but you will get this big bulge right here no matter what your size is no matter how skinny you are you will still get a bulge because it's kind of creating this like unattractive big old bulge so I just want to mention that pay the extra 10 and get one that goes all the way up to your bra line you will not regret it let me show you guys the butt girl that's what I'm talking about a very distinct like die to booty ratio and that looks honestly phenomenal in pictures 

So the last Salome Faja shapewear didn't have like this clear cut out which I think is a good thing because they have stitching all the way around here as where the other one doesn't it just had extra compression material around the bottom so it kind of had the same effect but you didn't have all the stitching and the stitching could be noticeable under very thin dresses so

honestly I think they made a really big improvement to the other one that I tried on so yeah they snapped again honestly the butt looks amazing if I got a bbl this is just what I would want I just want you to light though out the bottom right here and put it all right here okay so here is what it looks like under a dress so I could mess around and play with this but for the sake of my health um you guys I just pretty much want to show you guys um again it just gives you such a bulky look you could pull it up or maybe if you had a very small torso you could rock it and it would go up to your boobs but um for me it hits me like right at the smallest part of my waist but then it also creates this huge bulge which

it makes my ass look phenomenal that's what I love about the salome faja shapewear it helps with smoothing out the legs that lower belly is non-existent like they just know what they're doing and they snap every time

Salome 0215 High Waisted Shapewear w/ Straps

Salome 0215 High Waisted Shapewear w/ Straps

Salome 0215 High Waisted Shapewear w/ Straps

Okay you guys so the next Salome Faja shapewear I got is very similar to the the second one I tried on where it has the booty cut out okay so it does have that stitching which I actually am not a huge fan of it does make your booty pop like it's super distinct but um I think it's also kind of noticeable around so I almost prefer this like the first one but here's how it looks obviously it's gonna go right under your bra line uh these things are way too short okay that's probably gonna be better um you can take these off these are just like a little swimsuit clasps you know so you can take those off it's got a zipper and then also uh like a waist trainer clasps underneath so this is gonna be probably pretty easy to you know get up my stomach compared to the other ones this one again was an extra large flip up the legs and I'm going to have my big old booty into this okay again for the sake of not being demonetized or kicked off YouTube I'm just going to stay in one spot so I can cover this region um like you guys seriously yeah the pee hole again so what do we think

I think they snapped I really like that has it has a little bit of indenting right here I actually think that's super flattering because it just like really really cinches you in right there um one thing I will be curious to see is if you can notice the zipper along my torso um if you guys have a longer torso I would maybe stay away from this one because it fits me perfectly but I have an average sized torso so if you compare it to waist trainers a regular waist trainer is 11.5 inches and those fit me like spot on so if you have anything over 11.5 from like lower belly to the top of your breast line let's get this one um again the legs are perfect I love how Salome Faja shapewear does their legs and let's move to the back okay again booty is poking because of this little cutout that they have it's not a full cut out but there is stitching around so again that's one thing I want to pay attention to when I'm trying it on with a dress oh when I say this one snatches up my waist to a new level yeah this looks great I'm impressed let me see if I can see okay for some reason um the second one I could see the stitching around the booty this one I can't I wonder if it's because I sized up and it's not like cutting in so much so I sized up to an extra large I'm typically a large and everything and the sec probably and one is in a large the first one's in an xl and this one's in an xl so yeah just for comfort wise I would probably just size up one size but you also want to keep it snapped and pop in so this one makes my booty look phenomenal  again they do that with everyone

So personally I can see a little bit of the stitching but it's nothing compared to some of the other ones I've tried on um like other shape where I've tried on from different companies I can't see the stitching that much um this is kind of it's no see it a little bit more but I'm not really noticing it a little zipper you can tuck underneath your bra t ribbed it well this is this is the material so maybe under like a straight up like cotton you would this one keeps your posture nice and lifted because of those straps and it also really really cinches in my waist like next level so dang I'm a little indecisive 

You guys will just have to let me know I personally hold on let's chat a little bit more about which Salome Faja shapewear I like okay you guys so which one is my favorite I've tried them all on and you guys I feel like you can't go wrong with this company like okay the second one no no it's not happening I don't like how it cuts like right in the middle of my waist we want something that's going to go all the way up or we don't want it at all you know so I don't know it depends on your body type so I think I like the third one better

the one I'm in right now like I freaking love it it like makes my body look absolutely phenomenal it makes my ass look phenomenal but I would be a little bit worried about the stitching around the booty if you're wearing like a very thin material like the material I'm wearing today is a little ribbed it's still very thin and it's going to show everything but it is ribbed so it's not noticeable that there is like stitching around the booty so if that's something you're worried about I would go with number one like this one does everything right just like this one I just think I like how my waist looks a little bit better this one it like really like cinches in right here but this one also like it makes me look amazing it's got the grip around the breast line around the legs it's got the compression material underneath the booty so it's going to lift your booty and make it very distinct looking

 like I said you guys you can't go wrong with faja salome shapewear I absolutely love this brand like even you can go look at my video my last video I did about faja salome that was like about a year ago and I still to this day call them my favorite shapewear company this is not sponsored I wish it was but maybe someday I'll put it out into the universe but um like they honestly do it better than any other company on amazon that I have seen and like I mentioned I have two drawers full of shapewear like I have more shapewear than a girl needs I'm not wearing shapewear like that but I really do like reviewing it

I love wearing shapewear if I have to go take a picture for Instagram or if I want to look snatched and feel my sexiest like shapewear really just accentuates all of the best assets of your body so I love wearing it 

like I said you guys this is not your everyday shapewear unless you're about that life but this is some intense shape where this isn't just you know something with a little bit of compression no you guys saw me struggle to get into this this is something that takes about five minutes well no girl you're tripping it takes about two minutes to get into it is a little bit of struggle but once it's on you are looking snatched so yeah keep that in mind it is a little pricier but it is your extreme shape wear and it is going to do wonders for your body like I absolutely love how my body looks with the shapewear I love it so much

but yeah that was my shapewear haul I am so happy I filmed it I think it was a great haul but I am so freaking ready to hop in a cold shower so I will catch you guys later make sure you follow me on Instagram make sure you like this video comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video.