SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short (Regular and Plus Size)


SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short (Regular and Plus Size)

SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short Reviews

Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2017
Size: LargeColor: Soft NudeVerified Purchase
SPANX Women's Higher Power Shorts, Soft Nude, Large VS. Rago Women's Hi Waist Long Leg Shaper, Beige, Large (30)

All the wedding dress shopping articles tell you to wear the undergarments you are planning to wear on the day to the fittings, so I ordered shapewear in preparation for my dress fitting appointment. The two main recommendations were SPANX (an obvious choice as this brand has become synonymous with shapewear—like Kleenex and tissue) and Rago. Most of the reviews I read highly recommended Rago so I ordered comparable options in both; high waist and mid thigh.

I wasn’t looking for a lot of shaping help. I consider myself very body positive. I love my curves and just wanted to smooth out my silhouette a tad (I mean I am spending a lot of money on pictures and a dress).

The Rago are well constructed and beautiful. They have boning and are made of sturdy elastic lace. They also have clasps for stockings which is very cool. They are very difficult to get on and off and I was very worried about ripping the more delicate areas of the lace (I believe they are much sturdier than they appear though). The lace was itchy but not so bad that I believe you wouldn’t get used to it. The boning at the top gives me great confidence that the waist band would not roll down. The tummy panel and the structuring on the sides and back works very well to elevate and compliment your curves.

The SPANX are made of a very comfortable elastic material like very thick nylons. They are very comfortable and easy to pull on. They hold everything in place and smooth out the lines of your body without overly changing your silhouette. The waistband has a think gel strip along the top that prevents the top from curling down (I read many reviews that pointed to SPANX having this problem compared to Rago). I moved around a lot while I tried these on to see if the top would roll down and it did not. The thigh section is thicker than the top and I didn’t observe any problems with the ends rolling up either. I believe if you size these correctly you will have no problem with them rolling or sliding out of place.

Both pairs of shapewear feature a split crotch so that they do not need to be removed to go to the restroom (I read a few reviews where Rago was recommended for having these, over SPANX so maybe SPANX has recently added this feature).

For my needs I will be keeping the SPANX. I prefer less shape help but would highly recommend the RAGO to anyone that feels more comfortable with more support! The SPANX also feel more comfortable to me and I have very sensitive skin (I do believe that people with normal skin would find the Rago brand comfortable but I feel that it will drive me crazy).

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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2017
I was honestly quite worried when I ordered this product, because I'd read some mixed reviews about the fit. I know that SPANX are incredibly snug, but that's what I wanted. That being said, I wasn't sure if I'd be okay ordering a size below what I would measure for. I had a week to find shapewear so I could wear a really cute dress to a friend's wedding, so I took a massive leap of faith and just crossed my fingers that I'd fit in this. I did.

I didn't see any reviews on Amazon or Torrid about sizing beyond a 3X - so here is mine. The package notes a 3X as such:
Weight : 305 - 325 (lbs)
Waist : 45.5 - 48 (inches)
Hips : 54 - 56 (inches)

I don't know my exact weight, but it's on the higher end of the 300s. My waist is 47", and my hips are 64". I fit in the 3X, comfortably so once I got the SPANX on properly. I didn't have a problem with rolling at all when I had someone help me straighten the back of them, but when I originally tried them on, I wasn't thinking of that aspect and they did roll down. It's best to have someone to help you if possible, because it made a world of difference. Like I mentioned, I wore these to a wedding. I was in them for about 9 hours without taking them off or pulling them down and they stayed stationary, snug, and comfy.

Putting these on was the most complicated thing I've ever done when it comes to my wardrobe. I have to have someone help me pull it over my booty, but once the SPANX are on, they're on, and they're surprisingly comfortable.

All in all, if you're like me and you measure larger than a 3X but want to try them anyway, I encourage you to do so. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is much larger than I am, for worry that they may not properly accommodate, but if you're local to the size that I am or a bit off, you should be safe.

Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2019
I already own a full body Spanx shape wear with straps that I absolutely LOVE but, was really in need of something for a strapless dress. I was skeptical upon buying this item bcuz I’ve owned others in the past that CONSTANTLY roll! I read the reviews which were mixed so I went ahead & bought it, worst case I could send it back. To my surprise it really didn’t roll too bad, I had to pull it up a few times but it’s nothing like the others I’ve tried. SO happy I found a shape wear option for strapless outfits. It smooths everything out & makes you feel like you have the perfect hourglass & it’s so comfortable. Not too tight around thick thighs which I LOVE bcuz most products like this are too snug & unforgiving on the thighs. Now, I wear things I never used to for fear of the pudge, love handles, back rolls & saddlebags ruining my look - no more tho! I love the little hole in the crotch area to make using the bathroom SO much easier! 👍 So, if ur on the fence & not sure u want to splurge on something like this - JUST DO IT - you’ll wish u had sooner. Mothers, do your daughters a favor & educate them on the magic of shape wear (I did) bcuz I wish my mom had. And, I honestly don’t hate my curves quite so much anymore, they just needed some “guidance”. 😉 HUGE fan of shape wear now & plan to buy even more styles. Excellent product, good condition, fast shipping! If you found my review helpful, I would appreciate you clicking yes - thanks!!!

Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2018
Oh you gotta get one! I researched this and similar competitors alot before I bought it and its Better than expected results! Its light material , not uncomfortable at all , even on super hot days, and most importantly, it makes a big difference. For me , Its the difference of wearing a tight fitting dress or the dreaded"-will wear it After I lose weight " lie that we tell ourselves! The beige color is very light which I love it with my very fair skin tone. I think this color will work with everything, no need to have multiple shades. It's a must have! I wear it only with dresses and it does much better than slimming slips that I have purchased. It comes up very high to the bra line to slim all that. It will slightly roll down just a bit, but still overall has great staying power. Someone reviewed that this is like panty hose and will easily tear- that is not so. These are much more durable but soft and you can breathe normally in them. I dont even know I'm wearing it, but I look alot better with it. Hey Spanx--- dont discontinue this style! My skinny dresses need you !!

Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2018
These were my first spanx so I’m guessing to how they are supposed to fit.

The legs and lower torso were great, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep the top from rolling down if you don’t have a flat stomach, and if you have a flat stomach you don’t need spanx. The moment the top of them hits a soft spot, they roll down into this right roll that digs in and creates a muffin top mid-torso. Which gives you two rolls instead of nicely and smoothly shaping the ones you already have and bought the torture garment to hide. And it basically feels like a cake wire trying to cut your muffin in half. Which results in countless bathroom trips to strip and adjust, making new friends all along the way when you desperately need someone to help move your bra while you fight nuclear spandex.

Don’t bother with strapless spanx if you have any belly fat. And if you don’t have any belly fat, you don’t need spanx.