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Maidenform Women's Open Bust Body Shaper FL1856

Maidenform Women's Open Bust Body Shaper FL1856 Reviews

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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2017
Size: XX-LargeColor: Body BeigeVerified Purchase
Okay, I'm in love with this thing, lol! First I'll say: I'm a solid size 18, apple shape, so getting into these things and then wearing them for longer than 60 seconds is a challenge for me, lol. I'm allllll about comfort, and I'm telling you - this is COMFY!! And I was nervous about this particular style- I've always wanted to try it, but thought the straps would be uncomfortable, but they're soft and stretchy. It looks small as all get out, but it was super easy to get on- very stretchy. Of course, I did order the 3x/4x (because I've learned with these types of things that going bigger is better, lol!) and I'm glad I did. I'm planning to lose some weight in the next couple months, so I'll probably order another one in a smaller size when that happens. I could probably have ordered another size down with this one, and it would have sucked everything in even more, but this'l do for the holiday season. It smooths everything out- enough that I just feel more confident about wearing certain tops with my jeans. I haven't tried it on with a dress yet, but I'm sure it'll do the same there. It doesn't smoosh down my apple shape belly, it just smooths everything out more (front and back) so that I'm not quite so lumpy and bumpy, lol. I won't be wearing my wiggle dresses just yet, but I'll feel a lot better when wearing anything else this holiday season. I've been sitting her at my desk at home typing on my laptop the last 20 minutes or so and seriously, this thing is still super comfy- I feel like I could go dancing in it, or comfortably sit down for a couple hours for a play or dinner or whatever and not even think about it- that would never happen for me with Spanx!! I'm throwing my Spanx away now, lol! I say give this a try- especially if you're a Prime member- returns are easy and free, so it's worth it.
Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2018
Size: XX-LargeColor: Modern BlackVerified Purchase
I bought this to wear before my first date in years.

I stood in the middle of my bedroom just staring at it. The sizing chart had said a 2X would fit sizes between 18 and 24. Landing generally between a 20 and 22 I figured it would be snug, but here I was looking at something that was at least half my size. In my right mind would have taped a return label back on the bag and sealed it up before I ever had to look at it again. However, I had recently put on weight. Not the kind of weight you don't notice until you step on a scale and have to start formulating hypotheses about what happened. It was, it is, the kind of weight that you feel every time you stand up. The kind that weighs on you constantly like a particularly bad memory that you should be able to shake or at least grow accustomed to and yet continues to bother you well after you thought you had moved on. It was in this mindset that I stared at the tiny garment in front of me.

And so I resolved to put it on. I didn't just "decide" to put it on, I "resolved" to put it on. After it barely fit over my head I knew we were going to have trouble. I unhooked the crotch and stepped in and pulled it snugly up one of my thighs. "There's no way." I said out loud, but I had resolved to put it on. This was the last comprehensive thing that I would say for some time. The rest of the noises that were made during this endeavor cannot be translated. They were a series of guttural noises paired with desperate attempts to breath as I pulled the shape wear and pushed around my stomach as if I was trying to hide it from the shape wear as a child pushes around vegetables on a plate in a failed attempt to hide them from a disapproving guardian. By the time I had made it over and onto most of my stomach, it no longer resembled itself. Rather than look like a chubby stomach it was all pushed down to look some thing like a very awkward pregnancy. Still. It was on.

From there I put on the straps. The fat on my back had always been what prevented me from wearing my regular shape wear in the past without the straps. It would either roll down or push that chub into weird, unsightly places. I wore it only where I knew I would be photographed from the front and fought to sit in seats near walls to avoid showing my newly formed back boobs. The straps not only made short work of this, but were very comfortable. It was as if the top of the shapewear was trying to apologize for what the bottom of it was doing.

And here, my friends, is where I admitted defeat. I had originally liked the idea of hooks instead of the strange opening of other shapewear that served no determinable purpose I wished to imagine. However, I hunted and hunted for the back side of the hooks to no avail. And even that much was the kind of workout I should be doing to take this weight off. Looking in the mirror I could see that while my stomach had been smoothed out, it was still oddly shaped. Perhaps if I could reach the claps it would finish the look a little cleaner, but I knew those clasps would never been hooked. Not today.

Having completed my mission I slipped out of it in a faction of the time it took to get into it. I felt like a partially digested animal escaping the throat of an anaconda. I was, and am, still slightly sore from trying to get into, out of, and breath in this contraption. I loved the feel of the straps, but my stomach was clearly too large for the built in curves of this shapewear. I resolved to keep it and throw it into my growing pile of "things I will fit into again soon, I swear!" since this doesn't go up to a 3X and isn't extravagantly priced.

I had agreed to a date sometime this week, but not a specific day or time. In the process of writing this review I got a text from him. The idea that I could just buy something to make me feel ready to date was naive, at best. I haven't answered him. At this point the shapewear did not help me find confidence and love, which is what I bought it for, so 4 stars.