Maidenform Women's Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear Torsette

Maidenform Women's Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear Torsette FL1866


Maidenform Women's Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear Torsette FL1866 Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
 Wow - was I surprised!!!

Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2017

Size: LargeColor: Body BeigeVerified Purchase

I am a fairly fit 60 year old working woman with a figure that has (sadly) shifted in the past few years. I had recently decided that my same old bra wasn't cutting it; needed some lift and some slight back fat bulge issue that really bothered me. I had been searching the internet for a new bra but didn't want to pay the big bucks they were asking and also didn't see anything that would really come up high enough behind my arm pits to take care of that part of the problem. I hate being squeezed into any kind of clothes, and was afraid this was going to make me feel like a sausage. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!!! I stepped into it as suggested and after adjusting everything where it should be was i amazed! I just felt more youthful and fit and the compression was just right. I really like that i can use whatever bra I like under it. Also, the straps are substantial but they are somewhat off-set so that they aren't exposed. It gives the girls enough side-squeeze, and my arm-pit bulge is noticeably smaller. I can finally wear some of the new tops I had recently bought that were just thin/clingy enough to show more than I wanted. THERE'S NO EXCUSE TO SHOW THOSE ROLLS, LADIES! The bottom doesn't roll up, but I do have to pull it down occasionally throughout the day as there seems to be a slight bunching under my breasts and down the front a bit. No big deal. The price was right and I will be buying more. I couldn't wait to get this in the mail and after trying it on, I decided to KEEP it on for the rest of the evening cause it made me feel 10 years younger :) So glad I tried this!


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5.0 out of 5 stars
 It's a Miracle!

Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2019

Size: X-LargeColor: Modern BlackVerified Purchase

Why spend $70-$80 on a similar product when this little miracle does exactly what you need it to?
▪I wore myself out trying to hold my stomach in all the time.
▪I worried so much about back fat, I couldn't even relax.
▪I never could find a bra that supported my size D breasts.
▪I was always self-conscious about my muffin top.
▪I jiggled around my mid section when I walked.
BUT NO MORE! I am so satisfied with this shape, I'm buying another one.
Please note: To put this shaper on, you step into it and pull the straps up over your shoulders. Do NOT try to pull it over your head like I did the first time. I almost called 911 to come get me untangled!


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5.0 out of 5 stars
 It doesn't roll up and is comfortable

Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2018

Size: LargeColor: Modern BlackVerified Purchase

I love this shapewear. Over the years, I've purchased shapewear in different styles, bottoms, midsections, full body types, etc. I've hated all of them. They roll up or down, don't remain in place, some will flatten your butt when you don't want it to, they're uncomfortable and wearing the full body ones are a nightmare when you go to the bathroom. I can't even say why I ordered this one in the first place, I think it was because I've never purchased the type that go around your chest. Anyhow, when I pulled it out of the box I was immediately disappointed at how tiny it looked. I thought that I had certainly ordered the wrong size. I absolutely hate returning things so it likely meant that I would end up with something I couldn't use. I then had a thought, why not try it on and see how small it is to be able to gage which size I should order next? In one of the reviews I read that you should put your legs in and pull it up, so I did, and it fit!!! It is snug the way it's supposed to be, but I can breathe. It's comfortable, and holds my back fat and gives me a better figure. Also, very surprisingly it DOES NOT roll up. At least not on me. I've worn it all day to work and to events where I stand, sit, walk and it stays put. I'm about to order a second one right now. I'm 5'2, a size L but sometimes XL for tops and a size 14. I ordered the L and it fits perfect

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5.0 out of 5 stars
 I Love This Shaper

Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2017

Size: MediumColor: Body BeigeVerified Purchase

I love this shaper. I had one already and ordered a 2nd one. It's nice and long. I have worn it with dresses and jeans. I do find that I have to tuck it into my panties to keep it from rolling because of the length but that's fine.

One of the reviewers complained about how hard it is to put on... I don't think she started at the bottom and pulled it up. That's the trick to this shaper. Don't try to put it over your head. You'll turn yourself into a pretzel trying to get it right. Just put it on one leg at a time and pull it up. Of course you have to be bare legged for it to work as well.

It holds in my tummy and helps smooth out my muffin tops. I'm not huge but I am self conscious of my muffin top since my daughter was born. This shaper gives me some confidence back. I'm glad I ordered the 2nd one and would recommend it to anyone.

The wear your own bra concept is perfect. The straps at the top are wide but I just sort of tuck them down further on my shoulders. So far it's worked.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
 Super comfortable and doesn't roll up!

Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2018

Size: X-LargeColor: Body BeigeVerified Purchase

I've ordered the "Fat Free Dressing" Flexees tank for years but decided to try this one when I needed a new one. It's SO comfortable. Smooths out the bumps (it's not magic, but it does make clothes fit better). I work in a preschool and am constantly up and down off the floor, bending over, running around - NO issues with rolling, sliding, over-constricting. I could probably go down a size for more smoothing, but this works for my purpose (just to look a little more professional at work!). The only thing I've noticed is that the straps are too wide-set to wear with a tank top, and after a while they start to rub on my armpits a bit (the fat-free dressing tank fits nicely under a tank top, fyi). But I've been wearing it today for 8 hours so far and I'm not going crazy waiting to take it off, so I think that says something about how comfortable it is. Even in 95 degree heat earlier this week I was comfortable. Love this!