Shapermint High Waisted Medium Compression Leggings - Shapewear for Women


Shapermint High Waisted Medium Compression Leggings - Shapewear for Women

Shapermint High Waisted Medium Compression Leggings Reviews

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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2019
Size: 3X-LargeColor: BlackVerified Purchase
Pros: It felt good on my skin, similar to tights, but defnly the feel of a body shaper. I'm African-American & it wasn't sheer or see-thru on me- (lupus keeps me out of the sun bc of flares, rashes & blush-red 🦋on my face) so I would hv seen skin. It didnt roll down. I read other comments that it smells bad, it's strong but it didn't smell any different than a waist trainer or the neoprene wraps when u 1st take it out of the pkg. It didn't smell like ass- THATS ALWAYS A POSITIVE! The pkg from the company was nice - not like a cellophane bag u get from Wish- lol. The outside bag is resealable in case item needs to be returned.

Cons: The largest size is a 3x. Pay attention to the size chart. I hv thick fat ass thighs so that created a bit of a problem. Oh yea- I'm 5'3- they may seem long but if ur short stack of thick pancakes like me, then pull it up little by little from the bottom. I could get it up to the top of my abdomen with baby pulls and deep breaths, but big girl problems...
1- the crotch of the leggings was at least a hands length away from the Va-jj.
2-My tummy isn't flabby or soft bc I had excess skin removed, but my booty is round & soft, so the only thing held in was my ass. For me, that was a problem bc I need to see 2 cheeks at the meeting of my buttocks & thigh- not 1 big smile from hip to hip.

3-stars bc I purchased this item bc I clicked on a FB ad. I rec'v a msg on Messenger from -what I know now- a bot promising this item as a free sample to help promote business if I ordered on Amazon & I'd be reimbursed thru my PayPal. The bot was smart enough to wait until I said yes and redirected me to this item on Amazon. After I ordered, PayPal wasn't an option at checkout, but a msg was left to leave my Order# and phone number. I did that several times & emailed the company. Needless to say the bot didn't reply & didn't reimburse me. I waited until I got the product tried it on- it didn't fit so I sent it back. It was quick, simple & stress free. On a positive note, I did rec'v 2-3 emails apologizing due to high volume customer care during Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. I was told, it would be fwd to the right dept. By this time, I hv literally just stop'd the pkg off at the UPS Store. Then, a real person responded to messenger where it all started. The rep apologize for delay bc of high volume, asked for my Facebook account name & email address to be reimbursed to my PayPal. Hey, I'm a honest person. I said thank you but item didn't fit & was returned. During Black Friday/Cyber sale, this item was only $11-12 or $18 for a pairing. Had I gotten it for $11-12 or reimbursed in a more timely manner, then I wouldve kept it & given it to my sister who doesn't hv thunder thighs or a big booty. Just bc it says 3x doesn't mean u hv to be a 3x. Everyone's body type is different. 200-250 looks completely different person to person. I'd order another product from the company, but I'd do a price comparison from Amazon & the company website.
This is the longest review I hv EVER written!
Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2019
Size: MediumColor: BlackVerified Purchase
Full disclosure, I got these because I was offered a refund of the purchase price for leaving a review. I have 2 pairs of their underwear in this same style that I like for under dresses.
• First impression when opening: there is no smell like some reviewers have mentioned, but they appeared VERY small. Small enough to where I was wondering if they would stretch to fit. I ordered a medium and am 5’6, 150 pounds, and a size 8 in most pants.
• They DO in fact stretch to fit me and are pretty comfortable once they are on. It is hard getting them all the way up once I get to my thighs since the top compression part is tighter. They do compress well; they won’t make your stomach flat BUT they do make things appear smoother for sure. I’ve had 4 kids and am happy with the difference I see.
• It is a bit weird having leggings that go up so high, but they fit as advertised. The material feels a bit weird to me compared to most of my other leggings, but I guess that’s due to the compression factor.
• I was nervous to wear them out after seeing reviews about them ripping, but I wore them out to the store today with no issues. I will come back and update if I have issues during my next wear since I’ll be washing them. So far I’ve only tried them on once and then wore them today.
• They ARE see-thru and that’s coming from someone of smaller stature compared to how high their sizes go up since I’ve seen some reviews saying they would only be see-thru on bigger women. They are not see-thru to the point they cannot be worn, but if you bend over you can see right through them. I will probably use them most often with longer shirts or under dresses in the winter.

5.0 out of 5 starsThe hype is TRUE!! Incredible!!
Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2019
The reviews on Amazon were mediocre, so I was wary about these, assuming they were a scam... but I tried them and I was incredibly impressed!!
They are well made, have the perfect amount of stretch, hold, and coverage, and they DO stay up with the hot-glue looking stuff inside!!
I have incredibly long legs (though I’m only 5’7”), so I wish they came in different lengths, but that’s my only request.

Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2019
I know a lot of other women who swear by these, so I took the plunge. After reading reviews I decided to size up to a 2XL. I am 4 months postpartum, 5’10” 215, Curvy-athletic build. In the similar Spanx leggings I wear a 1X-XL depending on the style of legging.

When unboxing, the leggings are really soft and seem durable. The non-slip waistband is really nice. The stitching looks great as well.

While trying them on, they stopped 2’ below my inseam - with a 2XL I thought for sure it’d be an easy pull-up. Being well-versed in shapewear, I did the good ole squat and shimmy and got those bad boys where they needed to be. Still felt like I was going to bust through during the day.

For a woman of the same size but with a different shape, these would probably be your dream shapewear leggings. For someone with larger hips and thighs, just be weary of the leg taper. I think I’ll be sticking with the Spanx high waisted leggings until I get my mom bod under control.
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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2020
I was excited to try these after being inundated with ads for them. They look like pants not leggings so great for work. But they are oddly thick and just not enough tummy control. I wear the high waisted leggings you buy on wm online and those are higher and firmer but thin like leggings while these are thicker, bulkier, less high and less tummy control. They seems to hold you in really well side to side but not as well front to back. Good saddle bag control but not belly pooch. If I sized down I probably would not be able to get them on. I also had to hike them up all day. They don't roll down but they do slide. And they aren't high enough to feel high waisted and they slip down so you get that upper belly fat squishyness that goes away when you hike them back up. I won't donate these but I won't buy anymore.