Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control Open Bust Vest

Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control Open Bust Vest

 Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control Open Bust Vest Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
 I love my squeem! It really worked for me!

Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2015

Size: X-SmallColor: BeigeVerified Purchase

I love my Squeem! I am 5ft and 130lbs. My wast was 37 inches before wearing the squeem. The first time I put it on it was really tight but it was the right fit. It smoothed everything out in my midsection and gave me an hourglass shape and flattened my tummy. It also helped my back and posture.but made my lower back a lot sore at first. It was really hard to wear at first. Really tight and hard to eat with it on. It makes you feel full faster. I wear it everyday when I leave for work. I try to just have small meals and snacks throughout the day and after dinner I take it off to digest my food. I could literally feel it pushing on my insides which I think is part of the reason I lost inches. It pushed things in more. Then put it back on before bed. At first I had to take it off in the mddle of the night but now I can sleep through the night with it. After 4 days It streched just a little and formed to my body more. By this time I was totally used to wearing this. At two weeks I was putting it on the second hook and I lost 2 inches. Before 3 weeks I was 6 inches smaller! I went from 37 inches to 31 inches in less than 3 weeks! This is with minimal exercise. I only did light workouts 3 days total within the 3 weeks. I feel I lost inchesb for different reasons. One reason I think is because it squeezed my insides together. That was only uncomfortable for 4 days. I think maybe if you don't eat a good healthy diet this would cause heartburn and indigestion for some people. The second reason I think inches were lost is due to fat being redistributed to different areas. Also sweating which is just water weight, but when you sweat you release toxins inside your fat cells and your fat cells will shrink. Eating less was also a factor because it makes you full faster. I had back pain from a car accident and I have no pain after wearing this. It also motivates you to move around more because it's more comfy when standing. I think it motivates you to be more healthy and fit. So this really worked for me. You do have to be patient and motivated to get through the ucomfortable stage in the beginning. I did wear this a lot. Maybe 8 hours durring the day and then 6 to 8 hours durring the night. But of course less the first three days. I love it and I will be getting another one!


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4.0 out of 5 stars
 Vest vs. Waist Cincher - an in depth review

Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2015

Size: MediumColor: BeigeVerified Purchase

I bought and have been using almost daily (6 out of 7) both the Squeem Vest and the Cincher about six weeks ago and thought I would offer my comparison. I am 5' 4", 150 lbs., and recently had twins. Tummy is a hot mess. I ordered a large and it is a good fit in both. Waist = 32", hips = 40". Although I am at pre pregnancy weight, things are NOT the same. I carried to term and had significant diastasis recti (ab muscles separating down the center line.) This makes the top of my tummy, above the belly button, push out a bit, especially after a meal. Combined with the lower belly still carrying some extra jiggle and just not being as elastic and 'tight' as it once was, I stayed in maternity pants for eight months post-partum even though I had lost all but 8 lbs of baby weight within two weeks of delivery. All my regular pants just didn't fit, and going up a size resulted in waistbands that fit and hips and legs that were way loose. Just giving you some background as to how I got to the point of buying rubber shapewear. :)

So. I read dozens of reviews on both and started with the vest because it seemed to be the safer bet to avoid the dreaded back fat popping out the top of the more corset style waist cincher. And that's true, but I did end up buying the cincher too, and like it much better. First the vest though. Straight out of the package it went on fine (only a little tugging to make ends meet) on the looser of the two rows of hooks. Right away it held me in as far as tummy and hips and did incredible things for the girls. The awareness it brings to your posture helps, but also the straps of the vest that scoop the outer edge of the breast really keep me facing perkily forward instead of lolling into the armpit. I immediately tried on ten things that had been pushed to the back of my wardrobe for being ill-fitting and was delighted by how sleek I looked in them. Pants no longer caused muffin tops, and dresses hugged my chest while skimming my waist. I decided I would live in this thing.

But. I have had a hard time with these straps. Never mind that they are wide and their placement made it immediately apparent that this could not be worn with anything sleeveless. MAYBE a very wide strapped tank style with a high back, but even so, the straps are so far into my armpits they would certainly peek out. Even that wasn't deal breaking, because I figured it could be for use with tees and blouses and long sleeved dresses. What I really struggle with is the way the straps bunch in the back and make little tents above my shoulder blades. Tightening them doesn't help, it just makes the straps dig into my armpits and rub them raw. Throwing my shoulders back in Jane Austen perfect posture helps, but isn't usually how I walk around the office.

Another thing to consider is the hook and eyes in the center. Especially when you have it fastened on the looser of the two settings, this does create an obvious row of bumps under any fitted top. I should add here that I have been wearing both the vest and the cincher with a belly band underneath to separate the vest from my skin. And as needed I wear a belly band or a tank top over the vest or cincher to help camouflage any tell tale ribs and bumps. This works pretty well, but as the weather warms up I can see it being impractical.

This brings me to why I have come to prefer the cincher to the vest. No bumpy straps, AND I can easily wear this item 90 degrees to the side so the row of hook and eyes aligns with the left seam of my shirt. The smaller seams and the flexible boning throughout the garment can also show through fitted clothing but much, much less. I had read a review of someone saying they wear the hooks and eyes in the back but a) fastening it behind my back would be impossible without help and b) once fastened it is _obviously_ snug, so turning it is laborious. Putting the hooks to the side is easy to put on and makes it much less obvious under clothing. There is a little bit of back fat being pushed up above the cincher going on but not much more than you get from your bra just digging a little and overall it hasn't seemed very noticeable.

One thing that is aggravating about both is that with continual wearing, there is some bunching that takes place, especially in the bend of my waist, and occasionally I have had weird divots when sitting down where the plastic stays bow in. I can't see how that would be avoidable though unless you opt for unflexible stays like you find in steel boned corsets, but that's a whole other level of shapewear and waist training that I haven't gone to yet. The bunching I try to smooth out when I take the garment off at night to help it retain shape and lie flat. I especially do this after washing it. It seems to help.

A couple of things about the long term effects of this waist trainer. I bought a size large, and that is enough compress and shape me for my everyday clothing, but I don't think it's enough to actually compress my internal organs and ribs to whittle my waist long term. Before buying, I read several reviews of women saying 'I've worn this a week and already dropped to the smaller hook size!! I'll have to buy the next size down soon!' Not so, unless you are dramatically losing weight immediately after buying. It is rubber. It STRETCHES. I dropped to the next row of hooks on the vest after ten days or so too, but that is because the garment stretched a bit after wearing it 10 hours a day for ten days. It was right at this time that I bought the cincher, in the same size as the vest, and I had to start on the looser hooks with that too, until I had 'broken it in', and went down a row.

However. I do feel that I look noticeably slimmer just after I have taken either the vest or cincher off. And since I began wearing these, I have lost weight and inches. I don't know how much has to do with the compression action of the vest but I can say this for sure:
1. I eat less when wearing it because I feel full faster - it's tight, and eating too much is not comfy.
2. It has improved my posture, and brought awareness to my core as it supports my back and abs. As a result, my diastais has absolutely improved in the six weeks since purchase.
3. Seeing myself look better in clothing while wearing this has prompted me to just want to get back into cute clothing, period. With the warm weather coming, I would love to get my body back to a point of not needing a rubber vest to look this good, so I have cut carbs and dropped ten pounds in six weeks. 80/20 works for me - just avoiding bread, pasta and potatoes 80% of the time and eating what I want 20% of the time has been a totally doable moderation.
4. I knew I wanted to lost weight when I was buying this and had read about the helpfulness of wearing support garments to help prevent exacerbating 'belly flap' (better known as 'mothers apron'). Between carrying twins and having a c-section, this has been a problem area and I am so glad to report it does look better.

One last thing - before I put on a belly band, and then the Squeem over it, I have been putting coconut oil on my tummy. I see all kinds of caffeine and anti-cellulite creams pop up to be purchased in conjunction with waist trainers but I am wary of the chemicals. Putting coconut oil on and wearing this has seemed to help the tone of the very soft and stretched skin on my tummy. I'm still not going to be rocking a bikini any time soon (or probably ever - TWINS!), but I am happy to just look better naked.


1.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2018

Size: SmallColor: Endless BlackVerified Purchase

I am VERY disappointed with this product. It’s a fake! First it came wrapped in a generic bag and not in the plum Squeem box. In hindsight, that should have been my first clue to send it back. Then when trying it on the boning seemed weak if you will. It buckled the very first time I put it on. I’ve been wearing a MEDIUM for years and have recently lost 40 lbs so it should have fit even looser now; but no. I wear this everyday for support and replace them every three months.

So I decided to look at the label. Although it was a Squeem tag, clearly it wasn’t an authentic Squeem product. Because we were leaving out of town the next morning, I didn’t have time to go to the mall to find a store that had it in stock. That was a Monday. So I had no other choice but to wear it on vacation. Eight days later ... POP! The little, plastic, bra clip which holds the strap to the top of the vest broke. $80 down the drain! I am livid! Unfortunately our housekeeper discarded the trash in the guest bedroom while we were away. so I have none of the packaging. Never ever again! Really considering not ordering from Amazon again because of this. Really, really unhappy with this substandard product!


5.0 out of 5 stars
 Squeeeming with delight

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 1, 2015

Size: MediumColor: Endless BlackVerified Purchase

Very pleased with my purchase. It arrived the next day and fit well. I followed the Squeem sizing chart as indicated by the seller and was honest with myself in ordering a large.

Was hard to put on the first time but two days later it's easier and I'm attempting to wear it to work today for a full day. I love the way it makes me sit up straight and my back feels more stable.

I am a petite 5 feet two inches tall with a booty that curves out quite a bit so I was worried that it may not fit well but it does and doesn't roll up but skims smoothly over my 'humps' lol

It covers my whole lower stomach and when I sit it just touches the top of my thighs but it's not noticeable or uncomfortable.

Looks great under my clothes and I'm very pleased with this investment!


4.0 out of 5 stars
 Cheaper than surgery; frustrating advertising

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 1, 2016

Size: MediumColor: BeigeVerified Purchase

Dramatic slimming effect. Doesn't ride up as it changes to your shape, like other similar products do; sticks like a second skin. Can move around relatively normally in it. I have diastasis and it's very effective in terms of offering abdominal and back support and making me look not 6 months pregnant anymore. Not noticeable under clothing (even tight). Comfortable enough to wear all day.

Doesn't seem to have as good a long term effect on diastasis (I.e. everything flops out again when I take it off!). Straps not very comfortable and dig into armpits. Advertising incredibly unhelpful. I'm not naive enough to think it would transform me into one of the models but I would really appreciate some more realistic/average body shapes showing what the product will look like on someone who actually needs it!