YIANNA Women's Latex Waist Trainer Long Torso Underbust Corsets Cincher Sport Girdle

YIANNA Women's Latex Waist Trainer Long Torso Underbust Corsets Cincher Sport Girdle

 YIANNA Women's Latex Waist Trainer Long Torso Underbust Corset Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Sizing advice, this is a well made garment, highly recommend.

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2018

Color: BeigeSize: X-LargeVerified Purchase

I did a test run with an inexpensive non corset style waist trainer for several months and saw a loss in inches so decided to pull the trigger and go with a corset style. First off, there are lots of them for less than $20 but there is a difference in quality. I returned one of the $14 ones that had over 100 reviews, mostly positive. I returned that one for this one and I'm glad I did. It doesn't smell toxic for one, the fabrication is much softer and the hooks are bigger and more durable (bigger hooks mean less of them to fasten!). I like that it's longer in the front than the back (which the other cheaper one was just straight front to back). Lots of differing opinions on sizing...here's my 2 cents after trying different sizes and brands. I read in the reviews to measure 1" above your belly button and my measurement is 36.5". I am 5'5'', 168 lbs with a straight body, carrying a little extra weight in my belly leftover from my two kids, I fit into a womens 10/12, 31' jean waist if that helps. I went according to the chart and ordered the triple XL. Way too big. I could put it on the furthest hooks and still fit a fist in there. Then I went down 2 sizes to the XL and couldn't fasten the loosest setting. I already ordered the 2XL and I'm sure this will be my goldilocks size. IMO, I would go down one size from what the chart says and again, take into account your body type. Everyone carries their weight differently...I have excess belly fat but no back fat. And I don't carry the majority of my weight in my stomach...I'm proportionate all around. Good luck! And, I would recommend this particular brand...worth the extra money.


5.0 out of 5 stars
 Order your exact size according to the chart!

Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2018

Color: BeigeSize: LargeVerified Purchase

My measurements 6 weeks postpartum: 183lbs, 5’11”, Ribs: 34”, Waist: 32”, (just below belly button 40”) Hips: 39”. Great quality!! The material feels nice, the boning is not intrusive, and it is stitched really well. The length of it is great for my torso, it fits perfect under my bust down to my hips. I made the mistake of following the advice of some reviewers and ordered a size down. I am 6 weeks post baby and decided to go a size down and order a Large instead of the XLarge, just incase the sizing was off, and I figured if it was too small, once I shrink some more post baby then I would already have it on hand. It took 10 minutes and lots of wriggling, laying down, sucking it in, and stuffing it in to get it on the last set of hooks. It was a workout but I was able to squeeze in but it isn’t sitting where I’d prefer it to and can’t adjust it because it is holding me so well. Not a task I want to do every morning so I immediately ordered the XLarge and will keep the Large for down the road. Will review again when the next size up comes in.

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4.0 out of 5 stars
 Runs small

Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2018

Color: 1-blackSize: X-LargeVerified Purchase

[UPDATE: the 2XL came in today. I was able to put it on. My measurements are - Waist * 41.75 / Navel * 44.75 / Lower Belly * 45.25 - for those who are around the same. The 2XL took some good amount of pulling to get on. I recommend starting at the top, OR getting a 3XL. It is snug, but I can still breathe and move around. However, I am going to have to adjust it because I now have a huge half tire on my upper back. It DOES flatten my stomach, though.]

I was hoping to wear this today when it arrived, but it was too small. Also, it didn't hold shape after my two attempts to get it on. It is stretched more on the sides now than how it came out of the bag.

I did decide to order a size up because I believe this product will work - at least for the month I will be around this size during weight loss - once I get one that will fit. I wear an XL (sometimes a large). This XL was at least 2 inches too small to hook.

One thing that would have been better is the way it was shipped. Bags are fine to use, but perhaps having some type of protective wrap would help. It was real flimsy grabbing it out of the mailbox. Also, the rubbery smell some may have mentioned is there. It's not too bad, though.

I'm looking forward to getting the next one. I will update when the new size arrives.


5.0 out of 5 stars
 It works!

Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2018

Color: 1-blackSize: 3X-LargeVerified Purchase

This is priced so much better than the old ones I have and more comfortable. It allows me to waist train a bit longer. And unlike my old one it doesn't have those stiff plastic side and back supports that eventually snapped and caused extreme pain. There was a rubber smell that was a little strong initially, but went a way after about an hour or maybe i just got used to it. :) Either way i am more impressed with this one over the way more expensive ones i bought. And I see it produces the same desired results I received from those.

Additional note...the "Long" style is more for those with a lower pooch issue. Works to get it down and then can graduate to a regular length. Yay!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in Canada on August 29, 2020

Color: 1-blackSize: 3X-LargeVerified Purchase

I love this waist trainer. I have to admit, it’s a lot LESS comfortable then the other material waist trainers. However, this one I find SNATCHES YOU UP HONEY! It is very good for your posture. I find myself wearing it under my clothes during work and when I’m physically active! I don’t have a picture so : I decided I would give you ladies my measurements and description so you can use for reference when ordering.
I am currently 5’7 215/220. I think I am E40, 38/40waist and 50in hips! I wear size 14 jeans, and XL tee shirt / Usually between XL and 1X for dresses or otherwise.
The first one I ordered was 2X. I guess I didn’t realize how much weight this pandemic caused me to gain. It was way too tight, but I didn’t return it because if you dedicate yourself to this you will downsize within a month or less. I reordered a 3X and it was perfect. At this price you can’t go wrong.

I recommend if you haven’t recently measured yourself or find yourself closer to my situation I would suggest you size up. It will naturally be tight. If when you put it on it’s not tight on the first hook, it’s too big. In that case, return it. It should be tight AF lol when you first put on. This will get better! It took me about 3weeks to get to a 2XL wearing for the first week 2-8hrs a day. I suggest doing research on it if you want to really see results. But, I do own 4/5 by this brand and I love the long torso designs if you happen to have a problem with LOWER BELLY fat. Good luck!